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Food Lion Buy 5 Save $5 Promotion 5/6-5/19

 Food Lion accepts 10 coupons for the same product. They don’t  double any coupons . They accept competitor coupons and they accept other store coupons with money off of a  total grocery purchase.No percentage off competitor coupons accepted. This is a Mix N Match Promotion  This Promotion Runs Two Weeks And New Deals Will Be Added Next Week 
Prices Are Based On Buy 5 

Smart One Frozen Dinners 6-10.5 oz $1.99 = .99 ea

Wish Bone Salad Dressing 15 oz $1.98 =.98 ea

Pictsweet Frozen Vegetables 22-24 oz $1.99 =.99 ea 

Blue Bunny Load”D Sundaes 8.5 oz $2.49 
55/2 Ibotta Rebate  =$1.69 ea 

Pillsbury Grands Frozen Biscuits 12 ct $2.49 =$1.49 ea

Banquet Mega Bowls 13-16 oz $2.49 =$1.49 ea 

Sunny Delight 128 oz $2.99 =$1.99 ea 

Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted Bread 22 oz $2.99 =$1.99 ea

  Nabisco Sandwhich  Crackers 10.8-11.4  oz $2.99 =$1.99 

Nabsico Triscuit Or Snack Crackers 6.5-9.1 Oz $2.89=$1.89

Young’s Frozen Seafood 9.5 -14 oz $2.99 =$1.99 ea 

Kraft Frozen Dinners 8.5 oz $2.99=$1.99 ea

Bridseye Corn On The Cob 12 ct $2.99=$1.99 ea 

TGI Friday’s Large Snacks 22.3-30 oz $6.99=$5.99 ea

Tyson Frozen Chicken 16-28 oz $6.99 =$5.99 ea

Foster Farm’s Chicken 16-28 oz $5.99 =$4.99 ea 

Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza 33-36 oz $4.99 =$3.99 ea 

A1 Steak Sauce 10 oz $4.09 =$3.09 ea 

Real Good Enchiladas 5-9 oz $3.99 =$2.99 ea

Nabisco Oreos Cookies or Chips Ahoy  13-290oz $3.59 =$2.59 

Magnum Ice Cream Tubs or Bars 13-14.8 oz $3.49 =$2.49 ea

Dannon Greek Yogurt 4pk $3.49 =$2.49 ea 

Birds Eye Volia Dinners $3.49 =$2.49 ea 

Califia Farms Almond Milk 48 oz $3.49 =$2.49 ea

Pepperidge Farm Sliders 14-15 oz $2.99 =$1.99 ea 

Pompeian Olive Oil 32 oz $9.99=$8.99 ea

Pepperidge Farm Hot Dog Buns 14-15 oz $2.99 

Skinny Pop Popcorn 4.4 oz $ 2.99=$1.99 ea 
Benihana Frozen Dinners 10 oz $3.99=$2.99 ea  

Birds Eye Volia Dinners 21 oz $3,49=$2.49 ea

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream 14 oz 42.49=$1.49 ea 

Fairlife Light Ice Cream 14 oz $3.99 =$2.99 ea 

Skippy Peanut Butter & Jelly Minis 20 oz $4.99=$3.99 ea 

Good Humor Bars 18 oz $2.99 =$1.99 ea 

Halo Top Bars 17.5 oz $3.99 =$2.99 ea 

Nabsico Muti-Pack Trays 8.76-28.8 oz $5,49=$4.49 ea 

Nabsico Belvita Breakfast Biscuts 8.8 oz $3.19=$2.19 ea 

Happy Savings !

Note : We are not encouraging anyone to go to any stores we do know that people may have to go out so we will continue to post the best deals we can find during this time.


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