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We Are Tamica And Seny!!!
We are Tamica and Seny sister's by birth but best friends by choice. We were born and raised in Kernersville, North Carolina. Tamica is a hardworking student and mother of two vibrant boys and part-time student. Seny is a currently a full-time student. We love to have a good time and fill our eyes with tears of laughter.It seems like just the other day Tamica became passionate about saving money. Ten years later she is one of the best, if I do say so myself. Tamica specializes in grocery deals, where as Seny specializes in Retail deals. We share the same knowledge when it comes to Drug stores. We are compassionate and desire to share the knowledge that we have gained over the years about couponing! We love to save money!!


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Harris Teeter Super Doubles Updated List With New Coupons 4/7-4/9!!

(You Have to Sign up for  a VIC card in the store to get the advertised sale prices and an evic membership to get the evic offers and evic weekend deals and use evic e-coupons .Harris Teeter will double  20 coupons per day .99 or less . Harris Teeter will double 3 Like coupons and the rest are redeemed at face value (accept Internet Printable coupons, only 3 like total accepted per day) BOGO items each ring up 1/2 price. You can use a coupon on every item in your cart. B2G3 Deals – you can use up to 5 coupons on these sales.  The third coupon will require the cashier to enter Clear to Override You can’t stack an eVIC coupons with paper coupons.)Vic Card is need to participate during Super Doubles coupons $2 and under double Limit 20 coupons per VIC Card Per Day that Will double All Others at Face Value.No orders may be separated that would allow the 20 coupon limit to be exceeded or any other coupon limits to be exceeded”.)