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Up To Three Free Mt. Dew 20 oz At Walmart

Yay Who Doesn't Want Free
Mt.Dew 😁!
Up to 3️⃣ FREE MTN Dew 🥤🥤🥤
at Walmart 👉🏼SWIPE and check your Fetch Rewards Account!! 

Buy (1) Mtn Dew Spark 20oz $1.98
Buy (1) Mtn Major Melon 20oz $1.98
Buy (1) Mtn Dew Zero 20oz $1.98 = $5.94
$2.00 WYB 3 Fetch Rewards 
$1.50 Mtn Dew Spark 20oz Fetch Rewards
$1.50 Mtn Dew Major Melon 20oz Fetch Rewards 
$1.50 Mtn Dew Zero 20oz Fetch Rewards 
Final Price: FREE + $.56 MM

Happy Savings!


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