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Best Harris Teeter Deals 4/29-5/5

 *You have to sign up for a VIC card in the store to get the advertised sale prices evic offers and weekend evics as well as  use evic e-coupons .
*Harris Teeter will double  20 coupons per day .99 and Under 
* Harris Teeter will double 3 Like coupons and the rest are redeemed at face value (accept Internet printable coupons, only 3 like total accepted per day)
* BOGO items each ring up 1/2 price. You can use a coupon on every item in your cart. *B2G3 Deals – you can use up to 5 coupons on these sales.  
*You can’t  stack eVIC coupons with paper coupons.*Limit 20 coupons per  VIC card per day that will double All Others at Face value. No orders may be separated that would allow the 20 Coupon limit to be exceeded or any other coupon limits to be exceeded
* There is a possibility due to current circumstances that Harris Teeter  can change any promotions or sales at any time . No Rain checks will be given at this time. Harris Teeter isn’t accepting returns except for their brand guarantee. Store Hours 7am-8pm Senior Shopping 6am-7 am Monday And Thursday . Senior no express lane frees on thursday from 9am-2 pm . There is a limit of three on water, canned meat, toilet paper , pasta, cleaning supplies and cold medicines. 

This post may contain affiliate links. 
These Are They Best Best We Could Find At Harris Teeter Starting 4/29 

Turkey Hill Ice Cream 48 oz $1.97 Limit 4 
Buy 2 Get 3 Free :

Coca-Cola Products 6 pk $5.49 =$2.19 ea

Wishbone Salad Dressing 15 oz $2.79=$1.12 ea 

HT Traders Coffee 12 oz $7.99=$3.19 ea

Kellogg’s Buy 5 Save $5
Nutri Grain Bars 10.4 oz $2.50 =$1.50 

Kashi Cereal 10-16.3 oz $3.00=$2.00 ea 

Kellogg's Poptarts 8ct $2.00

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats 5.6-6.2 oz $2.00=$1.00 ea 

Kellogg's Raisin Bran, Frosted Mini Wheats Or Special K Cereal 
14-18 oz $2.50 

Kellogg's Special K Bars 5.2-7.4 oz $2.50 =$1.50 ea 

Buy 3 Save $3 :
Icy Hot 2-2.5 oz $5.99
250/2 SS 4/26
1/1 SS 4/26 

Rolaids 60-96 ct $4.49

Unison 48-60ct $8.99

Act Kids Toothpaste $2.99

Act Kids Mouthwash $3.99

Gold Bond Cream 1 oz $3.99=$2.99

Gold Bond Powder 10 oz $6.99
1/1 SS 4/26=$4.99 ea

Buy 1 Get 1 Free:
Clear Eyes Eye Drops $1.99(.99) Use 1/1 SS 3/29  =.99ea

Blueberries Pint $4.99($2.49)

American Flat  Bread Pizza 7.6-10.8 oz $7.49($3.74)

Ball Park Beef Frank's 15 oz $5.99($2.99)

Ball Park Meat Frank's 15oz $3.99($1.99)

Club Crackers 8-16oz $4.29($2.14)

Famous Amos Cookies 11.2-12.4 $3.69($1.84)

HT Cashews , Mixed Nuts Or Almonds 8-10.3 oz $4.99($2.49)

HT Traders Popcorn 5-6 oz $3.49($1.74)

Keebler Sandies 11.2-12.4 oz $3.79($1.89)
75/1 SS 3/8=.39 ea 

Taco Shredded Cheese 8 oz $4.19($2.09)

Zeta Crackers 16 oz $3.79($1.89)

Canada Dry Or 7 up 6pk $4.99($2.49)

Angie's BoomChicka Popcorn 4.5-7oz $3.99($1.99)

Pepsi Products 8 pk 12 oz $5.99($2.99)

Other Deals:
Dannon Oikos Yogurt Cup $1.25 

Pepsi Products 12 pk Cans $2.99
Limit 4

HT Traders Coffee 12 oz $2.99 Limit 4

Tostitos 7-13 oz $2.50

Tostitos Salsa 15 oz $2.50

Nabsico Family Size Triscut, Wheat Thins , Oreo's or Chips Ahoy 11.5-20 oz $2.49 Limit 4 

Bud , Miller Or Coors Light 12 pk Cans $7.99

Boneless Ribeye Steak Or Roast  $6.99lb 

Farmers Market Red Raspberries 6 oz $2.50

HT Value Pack Boneless Chicken
Breast $1.79 lb 

Fresh Foods Market Double Dipped Fried  Or Baked Chicken 
8pc $4.99

Smithfield All Natural Whole Boneless Butt Roast .99lb Limit 2

HT 93% Ground Beef $4.49 lb

Lines .33 ea

HT Shredded Or Chunk Cheese 6-8 oz $2.00

HT Croutons 5 oz .79 

Ht Snack, Sandwich Bags 30-50ct $1.25 ea 

Avocado 2 pk $1.00

Cantaloupe $1.50

Happy Savings!

Note : We are not encouraging anyone to go to any stores we do know that people may have to go out so we will continue to post the best deals we can find during this time.


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